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HELP! Itchy Vagina is Driving Me Crazy! 5 Ways to Prevent Vaginitis

Itchy Vagina is Driving Me Crazy! I want to make out with my bf so bad, but my vagina gets so damn itchy afterward and I HATE IT. Why does my vagina itch so bad after sex? Hey, girl. Stop overthinking. First off, vaginal yeast infection is not an STD (sexually transmitted disease). And vaginal infection or itchiness happens all the time. How to prevent this from happening should be your primary concern. Here are 5 ways to enjoy sex free from the risk of vaginitis.

Itchy Vagina is Driving Me Crazy! 5 Ways to Prevent Vaginal Infection– Let’s HARU.

3    Types of Vaginal Infections

  • Yeast Infections (Vaginal Candidiasis): One of the most common kinds of fungal vaginitis. It’s so common that almost all women share this experience once in their lifetime. Oftentimes, this vaginal yeast infection occurs after a period. A moist and warm vagina is the best breeding ground for vaginitis caused by an overgrowth of yeast (candida), no thanks to Taiwan’s subtropical weather. This condition often comes with white, thick, yogurt-like discharge and intense itchiness, all of which will spoil any summertime enjoyments for every girl. Aside from the milky and smelly discharge, some may also experience itchiness around the vulva or vaginal opening. In some cases, women may even experience painful urination. Worse yet, this type of fungal infection can be sexually transmitted to your partner, meaning that both parties involved should go to the doctor together if this type of infection is suspected.

  • Bacterial Infections:  Cleansing your inner vaginal frequently. Having an active sex life. Using scented feminine hygiene products. All of the above would cause a pH imbalance that leads to a bacterial infection. The symptoms of such infection include discharge with a “fishy” odor and intense burning and itching sensations. This infection is highly dependent upon the vaginal condition, which makes it a lot more common during/after the period and after sex.

  • Trichomoniasis(Trich): It is a sexually transmitted infection. Most of the cases got infections from sexual intercourse. This type of infection is caused by a parasite in vagina called trichomonas vaginalis. The symptoms include a frothy, greenish-yellow discharge with a foul smell, intense burning or itchiness, and even painful urination.

This disease can be sexually transmitted to both males and females, making it more common in an open relationship with multiple sexual partners involved.

Why does a vagina get so itchy or irritated after sex?

Except for Trich, yeast and bacterial infections do not necessarily transmit through sexual activities. Many girls catch these infections frequently due to most everyday problems such as humid weather and weak immune system. Sex only just makes the existing symptoms worse. So what exactly makes my vagina so itchy after sex?

  • Mild vaginal infection with nearly no obvious symptoms. The pH imbalance caused by sexual activities would make the infection worse.
  • Not enough lubrication during sex. This would scratch the vagina, making it more susceptible to bacterial infections.
  • Poor vaginal care before and after sex. The bacteria are fed on the remaining body fluid.
  • Cross-sex Transmission: In this case, the couples will have to receive medical treatment together and avoid any sexual activities until the treatment is concluded. Also, both of you should better make protected sex (with condoms) a habit.

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Apart from using a condom, try the following 5 Ways to prevent vaginal itchiness/infections.

If couples are trying to have babies, using condoms won’t be an option. Besides, some girls still have itchy vaginas after sex with or without condoms. Isn’t there another way to prevent itchiness and infections?  Of course, there is, darling. Here are 5 ways to significantly lower the risk of getting vaginitis.

  1. Drink Water and Peeing Before and after Sex: Pre-sex urination clears out the bacteria in your bladder, while post-sex urination prevents further urinary tract infection (UTI) or a bladder infection (cystitis). These two types of infection would trouble a girl as much as any vaginitis does. Drinking a lot of water not only helps with urination but also boosts your metabolism. Stay hydrated to stay healthy!


  1. Maintain sufficient lubrication during sex with lubricants:

Many girls do not realize they are not wet enough to have healthy and painless sex. A piercing sensation during penetration is probably normal and not that big of a deal. In fact, this tiny piercing pain means your vagina is not lubricated enough. At this point, the tiniest wound will become a breakthrough for the bacteria that gets your vagina infected. If you often feel that piercing sensation after sex or peeing, this could mean your vagina is already scraped accidentally. Using lubricants is highly recommended in this case.

  1. Practice good hygienic care for your vagina before and after sex:

Taiwan’s weather is quite hot and humid. The sweat, grease, and skin flakes will be a feast to the bacteria. So make sure your clean your private place properly before sex. Don’t rub or douche your vagina, or it will do the opposite of what you intended (your virginal wellness). The same goes for post-sex cleaning. Keep it gentle. In addition, keep your private place dry and breathable. For example, wear loose clothing like a skirt, and avoid tight-fitting panties.

  1. Don’t lubricate the genitals with saliva:

I know French kisses feel good. But to a sensitive vagina, saliva is literally a bacteria bomb. If your partner likes to lubricate your vagina with his or her mouth and your vagina gets itchy afterward, well, you know where the problem is. The good news is: there are probiotic lubricants that help keep the balance of vaginal microflora. Best for girls who have sensitive vaginas.


  1. Make sure you and your partner’s hands are clean. (Trim/Clean your fingernails FGS)


Clean hands are a crucial yet often neglected part of good vaginal hygiene. Modern people cannot live without their smartphones, which contain tons of germs. If your partner fails to keep his or her hands clean before fingering you, this fleeting pleasure can turn into troubling vaginitis someday. Moreover, long and sharp fingernails can easily scrape your vagina without you knowing. Not to mention filthy fingernails, dirt in the nails will be a feast for a bacterial infection.


Healthy Life, Healthy Vagina.

A lot of normal microflorae reside in your vaginal and for good reasons. Their job is to keep the balance and health of the vaginal ecosystem. So no need to clean your private place too hard or too frequently because you may also kill some normal innocent bacteria. Vaginitis can be avoided simply through good personal hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. Drink water, pee often, and sleep early to strengthen your immune system. Maintain good pre-sex and post-sex hygiene and follow the doctor’s instructions. You will be able to enjoy carefree and healthy sex.


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