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Warming Lubricant | Orgasm Hempseed Extract Warming Lubricant

The unique long-lasting warming formula helps to reach the climax easier, it also helps the lovers to get into the lovely mood faster. If it's your first time to use lubricant, Orgasm is definitely your best choice!

Warming Lubricant | ORGASM by Jack Herer Hemp Aroma Water-Based Lubricant

High-end Lubrican with Hempseed Extract Added Hempseed Extract Jack Herer fragrance to satisfy your desire. The first to combine Hemp Seed Extract with Hempseed Jack Herer Terpene fragrance. Make the sex even "hotter" than it should. Designed to increase the sensation while reduce friction.

Warming Lubricant | INDULGE Lightening Water Based Lubricant (Glycerin-Free)

The unique hemp seed extract warming forluma brings you the hottest feeling. With the skin lightening formula, the most perfect lubricant has come to your world. We have also added 1.5% Nicotinamide, the most popular whitening formula, which brings you the best in both world.

G.O.A.T Orgasm Drop

experience the "Greatest of All Time". Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to the extraordinary! The exclusive HARU formulation brings the excitement to the clitoris. It helps to sensitize the clitoris and increase the woman arousal resulting in extreme pleasure.

REJU Intimacy & Body Massage Oil


9 natural essential oils & 5 plant-derived base oils-stirs your deepest desires!!

Liberating your body, mind, and soul, you'll feel the passionate desire intensifying with each touch. Fall in love with it, and remain in a perpetual state of love.

Head notes:Sweet Orange, Lime, Jasmine Heart notes:Peach, Spices Base notes:Patchouli, Musk


GLOW Sex & Body Massage Oil

Glow is a multi-purpose body oil which can be used when you desire for a relaxing moment. It can also be used as full-body massage oil and daily skin care product to soften the skin. Last but not least, it is also an amazing sex oil!

HARU Hempseed Extract Vaginal 2 in 1 Gel – Whitening and Tightening

HARU Hempseed Extract Vaginal 2 in 1 Gel – Whitening and Tightening Made with Hempseed Extract, moisturized and soothe your

HARU Lubricant – 6 pcs Combo Sets

ORGASM如夢的酥麻熱吻和INDULGE如醉的溫柔熱愛 雙重快感讓你隨身帶著走~ 熱愛將無處可躲,你們準備好了嗎?

SLOW FxxK Functional Cream


SLOW FxxK is a profound declaration of love, the ultimate experience of perfect romance.

Love Slowly—let love deepen and deepen by time! Extend into the depths of time, stacking wave after wave of corgasms. Weave an unprecedented symphony of desire, as tingling sensations rapidly reverberate from within to without. Pleasurable tremors escalate to a loss of control, surpassing imagination.