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How to Use Condoms Correctly. An Ultimate 7-Step Guide for Boys & Girls

How you use condoms is the key to effective contraception. After reading all those articles about condom recommendations, do you really know how to put on a condom correctly? Miss HARU is going to give you a step-by-step safe sex guide that makes sure you don’t break the condoms and become parents next year.

Jokes aside. How you use condoms genuinely makes a great difference in preventing pregnancy. If used correctly, condoms are a 99% effective contraception method. I know, darling, you read so much about condom recommendations. But if you don’t know how to use condoms correctly, even the best condoms won’t work. In fact, a lot of the guys think they know how to put the raincoat on their little boy, but they actually don’t. After reading this guide, you may find out quite a few mistakes you two made before. But no worry, sweetheart. Today, Miss HARU is here to give you a step-by-step safe-sex tutorial. Let’s learn how to use condoms correctly to prevent leakage and pregnancy. Follow the guide below to enjoy a safer sex life!

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The Ultimate 7 Steps COSPUWT

Check, Open, Squeeze, Pinch, Unroll, Withdraw, Toss

First and foremost, use the condom ALL THE WAY. This means the guy should wear the condom from the very beginning of the sex. The intimate contact of your genitals during foreplay can be very dangerous because the pre-ejaculate fluid or pre-cum (prostatic fluid) on the penis still contains a small amount of sperm that could still cause pregnancy. A lot of contraception methods fail this way. So here is your ultimate 7-step guide to ensure safer sex.

  1. CHECK: Check the condom and see if it expires or breaks. Either case increases the risk of leakage and of course pregnancy. Do not try to cut corners when it comes to contraception. (You’ll have to pay a lot more if you do.)
  2. OPEN: Open the package carefully. Don’t use scissors or your fingernails, or you may tear the condom along with the package. The correct way is to tear the package open gently from its edge.
  3. SQUEEZE: Squeeze the condom gently out of the package, as if you are trying to eat a jelly stick.
  4. PINCH: Pinch the tip of the condom to push the air out. Many people don’t know what the little air bubble on a condom is for. That’s the storage place for guys’ cum after ejaculation. Without this step, your condom could break and leak during ejaculation.
  5. UNROLL: Unroll the condom to cover the entire shaft all the way after you place it on the correct side. Make sure the penis is erect before you begin to put the condom on. This way, you know the penis can fit the condom just right.
  6. WITHDRAW: Withdraw your penis as soon as it ejaculates, or the semen may leak once the penis goes soft.  After ejaculation, hold the rim of the condom and pull the penis out slowly. Make sure to check if the condom breaks or gets stuck in the vagina.
  7. TOSS: Toss the used condom always. Don’t touch the vagina if you touch the semen or any bodily fluid by accident during withdrawal.


4 DON’Ts While Using a Condom.

(Please follow them, or Happy Father’s / Mother’s Day)

  • DON’T blow into your condom, even if you find it entertaining.
  • DON’T wear the condom after the foreplay. Wear it BEFORE your genitals touch each other’s.
  • DON’T use two condoms at one time. It’s not safer with an extra layer. It’s a waste of money and actually makes condoms break more easily.
  • DON’T reuse your condom: Even if you only put it on inside out, it may well be contaminated with germs and sperms.

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How to Check If the Condom Breaks or Not?

After withdrawal, please check the condom (especially the tip) thoroughly for any breakage or leakage. Some people would fill the condom with water to see if it’s leaking. If water comes out, so can your sperms. If you want to try this method, just don’t let any bodily fluid leak from the condom while filling the water.  When you finish the check, wrap the condom with toilet paper and throw it away.

Now, you are an expert in using condoms correctly. So next time when you have sex, please follow the above steps to ensure effective contraception. Your partner may even learn something from you.  Let him know: This is necessary, and that you do care enough to take extra precautions. One last thing: Add this article to your bookmark or print it out and paste it on your bedside. Make sex safer for you and your partner. See ya!


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