About HARU

The "More Than Sex" Brand Spirit

HARUwants to challenge the traditional low-end view of adult products. We believe that sex is more than just physical enjoyment but the emotional connection between the lovers.!

With this belief, we have poured all our hearts out on the formula and the the design of our packageing. We have built a product line that are dedicated to help the lovers to enjoy the intimacy and enjoy it wherever they go. HARU makes the love between the love birds even hotter.

Make Love, Not Sex. Let's HARU!

HARU Team 

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HARUspecializes in mixing the elements of stimulation and mild to create a series of the innovated formulation for lover.

Through the senses of smell, touch, and sight, HARU lubricants will string up your every erotic nerve and make you enjoy the moment much better.

Our solely owned factory is accomodated to international standard, in line with the environmental trends, and with GMP management system. Compared to the products that cannot be tracked to the original factory source, HARU’s production process is in Taiwan entirely.