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Are HARU lubricants water-based?

Yes, all HARU lubricants are water-based formula, smooth and easily clean.

What makes HARU lubricants so special?

Start with love, HARU develops a series of cosmetics standard lubricants. We have four functional effectiveness, which are STEAMY(Kava Kava extract), DEWY and RICH(Ylang Ylang extract) and FEMININE CARE(Lactitol and lactobacillus ferment).Beside enjoying the luxurious texture and erotic sensation of HARU lubricants, we sincerely want our fans to feel our core value~ MAKE LOVE.NOT SEX. LET’S HARU.

Are lubricants all sticky?

HARU lubricants are formulated by water-based. HARU lubricants are not only non-sticky but also provide the silkiest and smoothest texture, giving your vagina and vulva the best protection and comfort.

Can HARU lubricants be used with condom or sex toy?

HARU lubricants are good with all condom and sex toy. It can effectively lower the risk of penetrating injury of vagina and enhance the sex sensation.

I prefer to long-lasting lubricants, should I choose the silicon-based lubricant?

Silicon-based lubricant is known for its long-lasting feature, but also has some deficits such as sticky and hard to clean by water. HARU water-based lubricants follow cosmetic standard and are produced at the high-tech factory in Taiwan. We also add moisture and smooth factors into HARU lubricants to create long-lasting feature same as silicon-based lubricant without sticky.

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What is the manufacture and safety standard of HARU lubricants?

HARU devotes to provide new and stylish lubricants to our consumers. We believe that people should take more care on the products used for protecting the most important organ when doing intercourse. HARU not only follows the US, EURO, ASEAN and TAIWAN GMP, but also meets the ISO22716, ISO9001 and ISO14001. HARU also support “Green” value, our factory is also LEED Silver certificated by U.S. Green Building Council.

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HARU大麻私密護理嫩白 VS 大麻私密緊緻, 兩款特色為何?


這款兼具私密護理, 舒緩保濕及嫩白去黑三大功效, 讓妳在免除念珠姊的騷擾同時, 達到私密肌嫩白呵護的目的. HARU的嫩白配方是添加足量乙基維生素C, 長期使用能達到去黑柔嫩的效果.


HARU大麻緊緻凝膠, 兼具了舒緩保濕及緊實功能, 獨家白鶴靈芝及多胜肽精華液配方, 能在緩解因應台灣長年悶熱不適的氣候, 同時塗抹於外陰處週為, 能刺激肌膚底層膠原蛋白的增生, 長期使用, 能延緩鬆弛, 同時恢復彈力.

Do I need lubricant?

In Taiwan, 75% of females have been experiencing the sexual pain during the intercourse. This unpleasant pain causes the vaginal injury, partial skin-loss and uncomfortable sex, sometimes even causes the bacterial infection. We encourage both female and male to use the lubricant during sex not only for enhancing the sensation and fun, but also providing the extra moisture and protection for the vagina and vulva.

I am easily allergy; can I still use HARU lubricant?

HARU adopt the medical purified water, no preservatives, no alcohols, no irritating ingredients and execute cosmetic qualified analysis to produce the lubricants. If you have the allergy concerns, we strongly suggest you smear some in your arm to test before use.

Would it be easily dry or sticky after using the lubricant on the vagina/vulva/penis?

We understand your concerns and are aware of the problem indeed happened a lot and caused unpleasant. To solve your concern, HARU add two natural moisture ingredient, Sodium PCA and r-PGA, in our lubricants to keep vagina, vulva or penis comfortable after use, as well as the dedicate protection and care.

I easily have vagina itchy after sex, would it be more serious if I use lubricant?

There are plenty of reasons to cause vagina itchy, many are related to hygiene habit, vagina and vulva cleaning, vaginal injury after intercourse and body resistance. Using lubricant can largely lower the risk of vaginal injury during the sex. HARU FEMININE CARE lubricant contains patent TCI 250 LACTITOL and LACTOBACILLUS FERMENT, which are benefit to your vagina environment and solve the vagina itchy and allergy problems.

What is your recommended lubricant for anal sex?

HARU DEWY lubricant has the silky, smoothing and long-lasting features. We strongly suggest HARU DEWY lubricant for the beginners of anal sex.


建議早晚沐浴清潔後使用, 視情況使用0.5~1ml, 塗抹於私密處. 平日白天外出悶熱不適時, 也可取適量塗抹, 舒緩保濕

Will you show the product information on the delivering outer box?

Our products are discreetly packaged. There is no HARU logo on the outside of the package. Inside the package, our product is safely packaged in a consumer unit box that has been tested for stability.

The invoice will come with delivery, and the name of product will be "personal products" instead. Please feel free to order the products.

How can i enjoy the free-delivery service?


How long will I receive the products after the order being confirmed?

In Taiwan main island, your order will be processed and delivered to you within 2-3 working days. All the order before 13:30 pm will be processed on the same day and delivery to you on next day. In Taiwan outer island, it will take 4-5 delivery days.

Products return and exchange policy


If the product you receive is damaged, opened or not the item you ordered, you can return it within 7 days as long as the product package sealed.

If your product is qualified for the return policy, please send the returned package to the Chun Ling International Co., Ltd Consumer department( 2F., No32, Ln. 128, Jingye 1st Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan R.O.C. ).

You can also call +886 2 7717-9961 to the consumer department Tel for the instruction.

ATM payment

If you choose the payment via either ATM or web ATM, please check your mail for the information of transferring account after placing the order. 麻煩在下單完成後, 到您填寫的信箱查看轉帳帳號資訊

Please complete the payment process ASAP. to avoid the order being canceled.