Privacy is the first thing that HARU looks after in our daily operation. We offer our customer a safe online shopping platform and a secured shopping policy. We care about our customer's privacy, therefore, we will not reveal, rent or sell any information regarding our buyers.


What and why do we collect personal data?

While the customer is registering to becoming a member of our website, we will ask you to fill in the basic information, such as, name, contact number, address and E-mail. This is for the purpose of CRM and all the information are stored securely in our back-end data system. We will only use these information as the confirmation for your order. Also, we will send out promotional information whenever we have special promotion. You can unsubscribe these emails in the Membership Center.

HARU will automatically store user browsing information for data analysis and the online user behavior research only. It's for the purpose of providing the customer the better user experience. The data will only be used internally when HARU is doing promotional event.

Also, our website is using the most advanced SSL with 128bit transmission encryption mechanism to secure the data's privacy. We are also striving to protect your personal and credit card information to provide you with a safe, secured and convenient shopping experience.

HARU will accommodate the privacy policy according to the technology development and related laws, if changed. To satisfy our customer's privacy, we will announce the new privacy policy on the website, if changed.

There might be external link to other website. For website that's not operated under HARU, we do not promise the security or privacy policy and we are not held to the responsibility of other website.


Copyright Statement

Every content, visual, recording, videos and other information published on the website are protected by the Copyright Law. Under the Copyright Law, the content can be personal use but have to credited to HARU's website. Without the permission of HARU, it is illegal to edit part of or the entire website. The user cannot change, edit, publish, play, or perform part of or the entire content or service for vested interest. Every content in the website are for reference only, please see the actual product for accuracy.