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HARU Gift Set

HARU has prepared an awesome gift set for everyone in the holiday season! We want you to give your best gift to your love ones!


想要大盒的,卻又覺得小盒的方便攜帶? 想要G-Spot,但也想要超薄的體驗感覺? 小孩子才做選擇, 我全部都要!  


NT$1,719 NT$1,499
HARU believes that sex is more than physical pleasure but more in the union of the soul. In order to get a better experience, we strongly recommend to use HARU Condom together with HARU lubricant. HARU's unique warming formula, combined with hempseed-extract, HARU is also the first MIT brand that adds probiotic in the lubricant formula helps to cherish women themselves.
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