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THE ROOM Hemp Seed Extracted Perfume Oil




THE ROOM 大麻香水精油 4        The Pioneer in Hemp Smell Fragrance

HARU's Classic Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil  Extracted from Seeds, light oil texture.

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is the newest trending cosmetic ingredient. It contains omega-6 and omega-3, which has the greatest moisturizing effect. It forms a natural moisturizer layer on your skin without blocking the pores.

Sweet Almond Oil/Prunis Dulcis  Extracted from nuts, medium oil texture

Sweet Almond Oil/Prunis dulciss is extracted from the most nutritious part of the nuts. The texture is soft and has great ductility. It also has great soothing effect, helps with dry skin and suitable for all skin type.

Jojoba Oil/ Simmondsia Chinensis  Extracted from Seeds, light oil texture.

Using low temperature extraction method, Jojoba Oil contains the most nutritious elements in the oil. It helps with skin reparation while enhancing the skin elasticity.

Coconut/Cocos nucifera  Extracted from pulp, light oil texture

Coconut oil is for all types of skin, it has also been called the most natural detergent. It is best use for facial cleaning and for body detoxing. Coconut oil helps to exfoliating and moisturize the skin at the same time.



Allicio , The Powerful Queen Fragrance

Top Note: Grapefruit, Citrus, Hempseed
Heart Note: Pelargonium, Rose, Patchouli
Base Note: Benzoin, Cedar, Vetiver, Sweet Pepper


Billie’s Kiss , The Young Lady Fragrance

Top Note: Citrus, Rose, Geranium, Smoke, Hempseed
Heart Note: Cinnamon, Lemon, Grass, Pepper, Clove
Base Note: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk, Vanilla, Guaiac
THE ROOM 大麻香水精油 5