Never smell like Poop ever again!

The GREATEST Toilet Spray

Before you sit on the toilet, spray three times! There will never an awkward moment ever again! Let’s experience this magic hour together!

How to use:

Before you sit on the toilet, spray it onto the water surface. The mixture will cover the water and prevent any smell from coming out of it.

Once you spray it and you will know

Organic Essential Oil Formula

Say BYE to artificial toilet fragrance.

Giving you the courage to eat whatever you want! The secret weapon for the perfect date!

SGS Certified

Giving you the best!

SGS Certified. HYPER Golden Hour Toilet Spray giving you the most qualified and perfect smell!

If you agree that smell is important for personal image...

Then bring the Golden Hour to the date with you!

Let Golden Hour help you with those awkward moments!

❤ Want to go #2 when first going to date's house?

❤ First time spending the weekend with your crush?

❤ When your boyfriend, husband or kid just finished bombing the toilet...

❤ Just ate something heavy the night before...? Spray it!

Can’t wait to join the Golden Hour club?


HYPER Golden Hour | Earl Grey Milk Tea

Experience the magic of Golden Hour! Spray it before you go! The Earl Grey Milk Tea Fragrance will give you the most power to go #2!

HYPER Golden Hour | Bombing Mojito

Experience the magic of Golden Hour! Spray in the toilet three times before you go #2. Avoid the awkward moment when next one comes in!

HYPER Golden Hour | Mix Set

Spray it before you go. Avoid the awkwardness when the next person come in to the restroom!  Don't know which fragrance to choose? Take both of them!