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5 Sex-Life-Changing Condoms You Must Try


You may have some experience with condoms, but have you tried these 5 condoms that can take your sex life to the next level?

Since the first condom appeared in the 17thcentury, this invention has played an important role in the development of public welfare and personal wellbeing. In fact, the survival of the entire human race depends on it. I am not kidding. Without this effective birth control tool, our planet Earth may get overpopulated and eventually drained of all resources key to our survival. On a personal level, I am sure it’s a literal life-saver for a lot of people.

Nowadays, sex is more than just a reproductive act. It’s an indispensable recreation that promotes sexual intimacy, pleasure, and wellness in a relationship. To enhance sexual experience, more and more people start to do their own research on the best brands and condoms online. But seriously, do you have a clue about what’s the best condom for you?  No worry.  Miss HARU selects some of the best and highly praised condoms from big brands. I’ll be taking you through each of their pros and cons. Some are even experimental and not yet available. Let’s take a peek.

5 Sex-Life-Changing Condoms You Must Try

As the advancing medical technology improves all aspects of human life, we start to crave higher-quality sex life. The innovations of various condoms facilitate this noble pursuit. Aside from some basic functions like contraception and STDs prevention, these innovative modern condoms come in all kinds of materials, shapes, and lubricants, all of which can take your sex life to a different dimension.

Ultra-Thin: Polyurethane Condoms

A Condom Meant for Male Pleasure

Standard(traditional) condoms are mostly made of latex. However, due to its unique chemical compositions, this kind of condom has limited thinness. And that’s where polyurethane condoms come into play. The common Okomoto 001, 002, and 003 Type are all polyurethane condoms. With the current techniques of condoms production, The maximum thinness of latex is 0.05mm-0.045mm, while polyurethane can be extended to 0.039mm-0.03mm. That’s why polyurethane is our top pick for ultra-thin condoms.

  • Pros: Ultra-THIN : That extra thinness provides the skin-skin sensations resembling bareback sex. Also, it’s the best choice for people who are allergic to latex.


  • Cons Too patriarchal?  As many guys are obsessed with that extra thinness, it actually doesn’t make any difference to females. In fact, the lubrication and texture of a condom matter more in terms of female pleasure. Thinness only makes men feel better during intercourse. Plus, partly because polyurethane is a tougher plastic, it is not that elastic and lubricated, causing more discomfort to women during sex.  For men, since polyurethane is less elastic, unintentional breakage and tears are more likely to happen. Worst of all, that extra thinness will make the penis more sensitive, leading to an earlier ejaculation than both parties expect.

Popular Brands & Products: OKAMOTO 002, OKAMOTO 003, SAGAMI 001


Latex Condoms: Old friends know the best.

A More Vagina-friendly Condom

Latex condoms are an old friend. Most standard(traditional) condoms are made of latex. Among all materials, latex has the best flexibility and stretchiness, making it the safest material for a condom. High-quality latex condoms often feature a soother and more natural feel. The thinnest latex condoms can come close to a 003 Type polyurethane condom. Also, they are the least expensive kind of condoms. Best yet, latex condoms usually come in all kinds of special features, such as anti-sensitive and thick-head.

  • Pros: Soother and more natural feel. Generally, latex condoms provide better sensations for women, and they are less likely to break or tear. They also come in all shapes and sizes. The price ranges from US$5 to US$30.
  • Cons: For men, latex condoms may provide a less intimate sensation. Besides, latex or rubber is a common allergy, meaning those who are allergic to it cannot use this kind of condom.

Popular Brands & Products: HARU ULTRA THIN, DUREX Air

Prolong/Delay Condoms: Don’t wanna be a minuteman?

How to improve your shortcoming? Desensitization is the key.

Wear the crown, bear the crown. If you want to be the king of long-lasting sex with a bigger-looking dick, the climax-delay/prolonged condoms are here to keep your throne. The key to extending sexual pleasure is desensitization. Here are two ways:

【Add Anesthetics】Added with just enough numbing additives to desensitize the penis but not too much to spoil the pleasure.

  • Pros No need to thicken the condom for desensitization.
  • Cons Since anesthetics are a kind of drug, the numbing effect can be too strong to keep the penis aroused.


【Make it Thicker】Thicken the front of a condom to protect your glans(the head of a penis) from overstimulation. This not only delays ejaculation but also makes your penis feel bigger during penetrative sex.


  • Pros Thickened condoms prolong the sex and make your penis visually bigger.
  • Cons The extra thickness may insulate the penis from body warmth, and therefore reduces that intimate sensation.

HARU STEAMY CondomKING HEAD is the solution to all the problems above.

With our new thick-head condoms, don’t worry about the loss of skin contact and body warmth. HARU’s newly-launched 【Warm Intimacy Condom】contains a cannabis-infused warming lubricant that makes your sex smoother and steamier than ever. The thick-head design will leave the rest of the penis for heightened sensitivity and pleasure.

Popular Brands & Products HARU【STEAMY Condoms】KING HEAD, DUREX Performa


Warming Condoms Wanna have hot and STEAMY Sex?

An Innovative Combination of Cannabis-infused Lubes & Warming Condoms.

Why do many people like riding bareback (BB)? Apart from that natural feel and the skin-to-skin contact, the best part about BB is the feel of body warmth. This exchange of body temperature can pump up sexual and emotional intimacy during penetrative sex. Yet, some standard condoms may get in the way of that, and you will have to bring in another warming lube to fix the problem. But not anymore! Infused with warming lubes, these warming condoms help transmit the body warmth to one another during intercourse, making it steaming hot!

First in Asia! The ORGASM Cannabis-infused Warming Condoms Coming in HOT in the winter of 2021. After 10 thousand hours of research and development, this novel condom, born with hemp-infused lubrication, rises as one of the biggest hits in the condom technology

  • Pros: The warmth-sustaining feature greatly enhances the sexual sensation and intimacy.
  • Cons: Let me think … hmm… don’t think there’s any tho.

Popular Brands & Products: HARUSTEAMY CondomTHIN

GALACTIC CAP A Revolutionary Condom? Penis Sticker?

Is it actually a condom or is it more of a sex toy?

Unlike traditional condoms, the Galactic Cap(G-Cap) can stick to the head of the penis like a waterproof band-aid. Since the G-Cap covers less of a penis, Powell claimed that this design will make people more willing to use condoms because the “bareback” sensation remains. He added that this revolutionary condom is going to boost condom usage and protected sex worldwide. However, despite the ingenious design, the G-Cap has not yet been approved by the FDA for use as a contraceptive condom in the US. It is still more of a sex toy than a condom. Plus, since it does not cover the whole penis, there is still a risk of STD transmission.

  • Pros: It covers less of a penis to increase sensitivity.
  • Cons: International shipment to 35 countries only (Taiwan not included). Also, it does not prevent STDs as effectively as traditional condoms do. And it’s not that easy to put on and take off.

Popular Brands & Products: GALACTIC CAP

How to Pick the Right Condom?

Aside from reading up on user reviews and comparison articles, the best way to find a satisfactory condom is through Trial and Error. Condoms come in all sizes and shapes. Each type has its pros and cons. Give it a “shot. Just like trying on a ring, you can only know if it’s the right fit when you put it on.  If you want to know more about how and where to find the best condom, go check out :

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